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Free Learning Medicare Course:


Samuel Patton

Senior Benefits Advocate

Minden Medicare & Life

Are You Turning 65, New To Medicare, Or Confused About Medicare? Learn What You Need To Know To Make Smart Medicare Decisions.

Get Medicare Explained To You In A Way You Can Understand It

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Samuel Patton - Senior Benefits Advocate

Sam is an industry veteran with 29 years in the insurance industry. He started out on the claims side and eventually moved over to sales. He has held Medicare trainings in 10 states and is currently licensed in 12 states. His clients stay extremely loyal because they know he will tell them the truth. This training is coming from a true expert in the field.

In this free Learning Medicare Workshop, you will learn: 

The Parts Of Medicare

You will learn all the Parts of Medicare along with their costs: Part A, Part B, Part C & Part D. You will also learn what options you have for getting more coverage. Most people have additional coverage in addition to Original Medicare.

Which Medicare Plan Is Best For You

Along with learning what options you have, you will also learn how to determine which plan is best for you. Everyone's situation is different. What works for one senior, may not work for the next. Learn how to find your best plan.

What Most Agents Won't Tell You

Sadly, there are many agents in this industry that only want to sell you what puts the most money in their pocket. Many times what puts the most money in their pocket, is not what's best for you. I'll make sure you know their tricks so you don't fall into their trap.

Senior Benefits Advocate

Minden Medicare & Life

900 Drew Ln, Minden, LA 71055 - (318) 268-1178

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